FAIR Data Programme Line

Globally, FAIR Data is a central theme in Open Science policy that is being gradually applied in all science disciplines. Many players in the Dutch research community have therefore indicated that there is an urgent need to develop a strong FAIR data programme under the umbrella of the National Platfom Open Science (NPOS). The NPOS Steering Group and Advice Committee mandated the set -up of the ‘FAIR Data Tafel’, as a first step to achieve a strong and coherent FAIR Data Program.

The FAIR Data Tafel brings together active stakeholders and initiatives, offers a platform for alignment and agreements, and helps to formulate joint ambitions and bottlenecks. Many players in the scientific field such as universities, university medical centers, science domains, and science related initiatives already collaborate in developing, strengthening and professionalizing the Dutch data landscape. The NPOS FAIR Data Program sets out to actively foster this process, and to enhance, consolidate, and sustain these collective efforts. 

beschrijving fair data stakeholders

Central themes of the NPOS FAIR Data Programmeline

The  FAIR Data Tafel focuses on these  action lines:

  1. Capacity building: the establishment of a professional community of skilled data stewards;
  2. FAIR implementation of digital research outputs and associated FAIR metadata to enable optimal (re)use;
  3. Development of national FAIR data services and infrastructure to support FAIR implementation; 
  4. Development of a national trust framework for access to sensitive FAIR data that cannot be openly shared.

These four key actions will form the backbone of the NPOS FAIR Data programme for the upcoming five to ten years, linking the Dutch research ecosystem closely to the European Open Science Cloud

Based on the feedback received via the open consultation on the NPOS Ambition Document, the Programme Line Leads will start filling in actions for each of their Key Lines of Action for the coming years, thus creating a rolling agenda for the NPOS Programme for the next decade. These actions will be discussed with the relevant stakeholders from March 2022 on.

If your organisation or initiative is interested in joining the NPOS FAIR Data Programme, please contact us via info@openscience.nl .