Programme Open Access

Programme Line Lead: Darco Jansen

The Open Access program line aims to make all Dutch scientific output accessible and reusable for everyone as quickly as possible (preferably without an embargo period), free of charge and under an open license.

Current Open Access percentage

  • Since 2015 we have a national ambition to make 100% of peer-reviewed articles by Dutch scientists available as Open Access. We have made considerable progress in this area in recent years.
  • In 2020, according to the Rathenau factsheet, 71% of all articles in the Netherlands were published as Open Access. NWO reported that 85 percent of the publications resulting from NWO funding is available as Open Access. The Universities of the Netherlands report annually to the minister and reported a percentage of 73% for articles published by universities in 2020.
  • Internationally, the Netherlands are one of the frontrunners in this regard. Growth is expected to level off in 2021 with a further increase of 3 to 7%. However, this increase may reverse in the future if various strategies are not used to ensure sustainable access to all scientific output.
  • Realizing the last 20-30% for articles will be difficult and expensive unless we invest in both scale (including a broader consortium) and full-fledged publication alternatives (see feasibility studies below). To this end, the government and knowledge institutions should work together more strongly than is currently the case.

Feasibility of 100% Open Access


Towards our ambitions in 2030

  • These studies indicate where we are now and provide input for the follow-up actions and joint ambitions for 2030. The findings and recommendations from these reports were extensively discussed at the national Open Access stakeholders meeting. In addition they were consulted with the board of NWO, NFU, SURF, KNAW, VH, DANS and ZonMw.
  • The obtained findings and recommendations were subsequently discussed with experts in various round table sessions (online) and translated into ambitions and necessary actions for the coming years.
  • At the end of 2021, the outlines of the Open Access ambitions and associated action lines were submitted for open consultation as part of the draft NPOS Ambition Document.
  • The consultation resulted in 78 very valuable responses (LINK) that will be further developed into a rolling agenda in the coming months involving many stakeholders, experts and those responded.
  • Please contact Darco Jansen via if your organisation would like to be involved.