Recognizing and assessing researchers

Practising open science requires encouragement and rewards. To encourage open science in the first, second, third and fourth stages if funding, it is important to research how open science can earn its place in the evaluation of researchers and research proposals.

Research and criteria

The current assessment systems do not sufficiently encourage research according to the open science criteria. In the current assessment, the number of publications in historically renowned high-impact journals often plays a significant role. The culture of 'publish or perish' is therefore retained. Technical and practical support are not enough to give open science momentum.

Little attention is often paid to the important work necessary – partly carried out by data stewards or data engineers – in order to be able to share research data. It is hard to make such efforts visible using the traditional method of citation.

If open science criteria is to form part of research evaluations in the future, it is important to take into account the environment in which researchers operate: they wish to make a difference at an international level. In addition, it must be ensured that the manner of research into the natural sciences dominates the transition to open science. The National Platform Open Science must be aware of the major differences that exist between between scientific disciplines.