Create a broad-based portal for support and information

Any researchers or supporters who have questions may consult the portal for support and information and will be adequately referred. All information on the available research support is clearly available in this 'clearing house'.

This requires organised collaboration from research supporters. Here, choose a multi-faceted approach: focus on first-line support, ICT decision-makers and research directors. 

A first pilot in this regard may be the digital scholarship centre e-Humanities.

Responsible coalition

  • For development: NWO, VSNU, VH, UKB, KNAW, SURF, LCRDM, DANS, 4TU.Research Data, eScience Center (ePLAN), GO FAIR, DTL, NFU. 
  • For execution: UKB, SURF, eScience Center (ePLAN).

Indication of timeline

  • First meeting with regard to competencies: Q2 2017.
  • Overview of forums and meeting agenda at Q3 2017.
  • Recording of results and 'address' in the Platform: Q4 2017.