Encouraging and supporting open science

Effective support of open science requires a coordinated approach. With a strong collaboration culture and limited geographical scope, the Netherlands has an ideal starting position to inspire as many countries as possible as a frontrunner in this movement. In this regard, the National Platform Open Science plays an important role.

Support researchers

Research often transcends the borders of expert groups, institutions, countries and, to an increasing extent, disciplines, too. However, support with expertise and facilities is often organised within these borders. This support is often fragmented as part of the research process, although researchers often know exactly what is going on in their discipline and what is relevant for them. The offer of useful extra services, however, sometimes provides the researcher with little insight; conversely, it should be noted that these services are not always adaptable to their specific needs. In the meantime, successful practical examples receive too little recognition and economies of scale are missed.

In Europe

Under the joint European Open Science Cloud, an ambition has been put in place to link research infrastructures and thus promote the availability of research results on a European level.