Citizen science

Citizen science refers to the practice of science by persons who are not affiliated with a research organization as a professional researcher, but who cooperate with or under the supervision of professional researchers.

Recommendations for the application of citizen science

The Citizens Science thematic group focuses on civic science as part of regular research, i.e. as a contribution to scientific results. Among other things, we make recommendations to the other thematic groups on the application of citizen science.

Contributions to scientific research

Scientists, for example, are increasingly using citizens in their research projects. For example, for the digitization of archives or to collect data on particulate matter. The starting point is that the same principles and standards apply to citizen science as to scientific research in general.

Relevance of research and innovation

With citizen science, research and innovation can be more closely aligned with the needs, wishes and interests of society. Regular science can benefit from involving citizens, and as more people feel involved in science, the share of citizen science in the practice of science can increase.