Recognition of and rewards for researchers

Objectives concerning recognition and rewards for researchers.

Objective: to examine how the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) could facilitate the transition towards open science

In its current form, the SEP provides possibilities for the inclusion of indicators for open science. What’s more, it is important that those indicators are in fact selected and used by the units of the institutes under evaluation. In the forthcoming interim assessment of the current SEP protocol extra attention will be given to the topic of open science and, if needed, recommendations for adjustments to increase usage will be formulated for the next SEP.

Responsible coalition:

NWO, KNAW, VSNU, possibly ZonMw

Indication of the timeline:

Mid-term review will take place in early 2018.

Objective: to examine how open science can be integrated within the evaluation of researchers and research proposals

Open access publishing will be the norm and the importance of sharing the research process is more and more recognised. Therefore, consideration will be given as to how open science can be integrated within the personnel policy of institutions.

The coalition will start this by first examining alternative indicators (altmetrics) for the assessment of researchers.

NWO is already examining more than just publication lists when carrying out assessments. NWO is requiring open access and data management plans from researchers. NWO will take the challenge to accommodate open science in the broader context in the assessment of research applications. A study will be launched for this purpose. Efforts will be made to tie in with international developments.

Responsible coalition:

NWO (funders), VSNU (institutions), VH (institutions)

Indication of the timeline:

The study will start in the course of 2017.

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