National Programme Open Science

The National Programme Open Science (NPOS) brings together national stakeholders in the Netherlands.

Aim of the NPOS is to coordinate the transition to Open Science and to disseminate its importance. The responsibility to start and implement Open Science activities lies with the various organisations involved.

Vision and Mission 

Currently we are working on formulating a revised vision and mission for the NPOS, including the three program lines, for the period until 2030.

Overview of the stakeholders mentioned below

Structure of the National programme Open Science

Since the launch of the National Plan Open Science in 2017,  the NPOS has coordinated collaborations and actions. In 2019 it was decided to work within a program structure. Since then, investments have been made in strengthening national networks and a series of projects.

The structure of this program is as follows:

The NPOS Steering Committee has the task of directing the transition to open science at national level, with a link to the international context. The Steering Committee consists of the directors of the largest research performing and funding organizations in the Netherlands, namely:

  • Association of Universities (VSNU)
  • Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU)
  • Dutch Research Council (NWO)

The National Coordinator Open Science (NCOS) is respoinsible for national coordination as well as liaisioning  with Europe. Prof. dr. ir. Karel Luyben was reappointed as NCOS in 2020 by the Steering Committee. In addition to the role of NCOS, Karel Luyben is Chairman of the Task Force Open Science of CESAER and President of the European Open Science Cloud Association.

The task of the NPOS Advisory Council is to provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the Steering Committee. Although this advice is not binding, deviations by the Steering Committee do require an explanation. The Advisory Council is seen as a sounding board for the Steering Committee. Members of the advisory board are:

  • SURF (Chair)
  • The National Library of the Netherlands (KB)
  • Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
  • Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH)
  • Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO-i)
  • Samenwerkende GezondheidsFondsen (SGF)
  • Dutch organization for health research and innovation (ZonMw)
  • PhD candidates Network Netherlands (PNN)

The NPOS program is organized along three Programmes Lines:

  • Fair data, lead: Ruben Kok, DTL
  • Open Access, lead: Darco Jansen, VSNU
  • Citizen Science, lead: Margaret Gold, Citizen Science Lab, Leiden University

The Leads of the Programmes Lines take part in the Steering Committee and Advisory Council meetings as observers.