National Plan Open Science

For all educational institutions and research domains, open access publishing and optimal reuse of research data will be the norm in 2020. The motto here is: open if possible, closed if it must. The switch to open science requires ambition, investment in people and resources, and being alert to any risks.

Switch to open science

Aligning the many initiatives and the huge ambition requires a major boost. As such, the OCW State Secretary asked a wide-ranging coalition of the parties involved to draw up a plan: the National Plan Open Science. This plan sets out the ambitions and lists the parties willing to take action and in what timeframe they aim to achieve their goals, and continues to build on the robust and ambitious Dutch open access policy.

The National Plan

Commitment and execution

In order to show their commitment to the National Plan Open Science, the parties involved signed the Open Science Declaration on 9 February 2017. Delivering the National Plan Open Science is just the beginning. The National Platform Open Science was established to join and coordinate efforts towards open science and promote its importance.