National Platform Open Science

The parties involved in the National Plan Open Science come together on the Platform and ensure that the Netherlands progresses towards achieving its aims and closely monitors developments.

Focus points for the National Platform

The focus for the Platform is to create acceleration with regard to the three key areas of the National Plan Open Science. In this regard we have the following focus points:

  • Set quantitatively and qualitatively measurable elements in line with the existing national and European monitoring. This should not involve a heavy administrative burden.
  • Share knowledge and experience with each other and establish links.
  • Respond to new developments in the field of open science, which may involve additional actions being taken.


The parties involved with the National Plan regularly take part in discussions in the Platform. The external secretarial office supports the chair of the Platform (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)) both in terms of logistics and content, is the point of contact for Dutch and international parties, and assists the Platform in carrying out its activities. The Platform will also have a steering group, which will consist of executives from the parties involved and will meet less frequently.

In addition to the organizations that have joined the Platform through the National Plan Open Science, more parties play a role in achieving open science. The more parties that are willing to actively take part, the better we will be able to achieve the national ambitions. Any active interested parties may join the Platform.

These include, in the first instance, the researchers themselves. The business community, including publishers, is also important. They have their own development paths, directly related to the actions of the parties involved in the National Plan Open Science. The Platform is also open to social interest groups and professional organizations, for example from the education and healthcare sectors.

How to take part

The Platform is open to new participants and will above all, engage researchers in their ambitions and actions. Contact the secretarial office of the National Platform Open Science at