Open Science

Open Science refers to the global transition towards a new, more open and inclusive way of conducting, publishing and evaluating scientific research.

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Open Science

National Programme Open Science

The National Programme Open Science (NPOS) brings together stakeholders to accelerate Open Science in the Netherlands. 

NPOS up to 2030

In order to accelerate the transition to Open Science, the stakeholders of the National Programme Open Science (NPOS) are establishing and executing the NPOS2030 Multi-Annual Plan. This is based on three pillars:

Ambition Document

A comprehensive open consultation across the entire professional field has led to the widely supported Ambition Document. It contains four strategic goals for the period up to 2030.

Rolling Agenda

The Rolling Agenda describes the lines of action that lead to achieving the programme’s strategic goals.


The Minister of Education, Culture and Science  announced in a policy letter on Open Science that 20 million euros will be allocated to Open Science each year from 2023 to 2031. NWO has been asked to set up a temporary National Initiative (Regieorgaan) for this and has appointed the director of the Regieorgaan Open Science in August 2022. 

NPOS Ambition 2030

This infographic illustrates the developments that have led to the NPOS2030 Multi-Annual Plan, and how activities described in the Rolling Agenda will lead to achieving the strategic goals set for 2030:

Strategic goals

The NPOS2030 Multi-Annual Plan is based on the following four strategic goals for 2030:


Close collaboration between knowledge institutions, government, industry and citizens.


Scientific processes are inclusive, efficient, transparent and carried out with integrity.


No more barriers to reading and reuse of scientific output.


Products from and for science are FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

Open Science in Practice

In this series of short video portraits we meet five project teams out of the 26 NWO Open Science Fund Projects. We will hear from them how their project contributes to the Open Science culture change -often in a very practical way- and how the NWO Open Science Fund has helped them achieve these goals.  

This Open Science in Practice series of portraits is a NWO/ NPOS co-production.

All photos:  CC BY Pim Rusch

Fair Data Day

Join the first Fair Data Day in Utrecht on november 29, 2022!

The Fair Data Day revolves around the central theme: Reusing data to advance science. Inspirational examples will be showcased and communities will be brought together. 

The FAIR Data event offers interactive workshops and inspiring parallel sessions demonstrating good practices of FAIR implementation. One of the highlights of the event is the celebration of  the RDNL Dutch Data prize, awarded to an individual or a team that makes research data FAIR.

National Open Science Festival

On September 1, 2022, the second edition of the Netherlands National Open Science Festival took place at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam.
300 participants attended 18 community led workshops and plenary sessions, with over 400 more joining via the live stream, bringing the motto of the Festival into practice:


Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf of Education, Culture and Science visited the Festival to join the conversation about different aspects of Open Science, and to hand over five Open Science Awards to five inspiring Use Cases with a focus on societal engagement.


Would you like to invite a speaker on Open Science or would you like to register yourself as a speaker?

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