National Programme Open Science 

The National Programme Open Science brings together national stakeholders in the Netherlands. Aim of the NPOS is to coordinate the transition to Open Science and to disseminate its importance. read more

Open science in NL

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Open Science Communities

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  • FAIR data
  • Citizen Science

Transition to Open Science

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In the context of the NPOS, Open Science is seen as a transition in which various parties play a role. The NPOS supports and coordinates efforts for open science at the national level. The initiation and implementation of the Open Science activities is the responsibility of the various parties involved.

What is Open Science?

Open Science or Open Scholarship stands for the transition to a new, more open and participatory way of conducting, publishing and evaluating scholarly research. Central to this concept is the goal of increasing cooperation and transparency in all research stages. This is achieved, among other ways, by sharing research data, publications, software, tools and results as early and open as possible. Read more


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